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Frank Rudolph Paul

Frank R. Paul was born in Vienna, Austria on April 18, 1884, He died on June 29, 1963 in Teaneck, New Jersey. Known as the "Dean of Science Fiction" he illustrated hundreds of pulp magazine covers & interior illustrations.

Born in Austria he studied art in Vienna, Paris & then New York City. He began working for Gernsback Publications doing covers & technical drawings for Gernsback's Electrical Experimentor (later Science & Invention), Radio News & others. He was the natural choice for the covers of Amazing Stories in 1926 & became known as the pre-imminent sf artist of the time, igniting the immagination of many including Al Feldstein who would go on to write, illustrate & edit Weird Science & Weird Fantasy in the 1950's.

Wonder Stories January 1933 Frank R.Paul cover Amazing Stories August 1928 Frank R.Paul cover

Paul painted all of the covers for Amazing stories during Gernsback's ownership of the magazine. When Gernsback was forced to sell in 1929 Paul folowed Gernsback to his new company where he painted numerous covers for Science Wonder Stories, Air Wonder Stories, Wonder Stories Quarterly & Wonder Stories.

When Gernsback left the pulp field, Paul did covers for other publishers, as well as back covers for Amazing Stories & Fantastic. He did not do much more for the pulps until Gernsback's short lived Science Fiction Plus series in 1954. He appeared sporadically in other sf publications until his death.

Amazing Stories back cover by Frank. R. Paul

An interesting note is that sf illustration was just a side job to him. He illustrated many techical books through out his career & it was from them he derived the large part of his income.

Read his New York Times Obituary by clicking this link.

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